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Dried Flower Candle Bowl


These dried flower candles are a must have! With the choice of Vanilla Bean, Baked Pear, or Salted Caramel fragrance, the scent fills a room without them even being lit!

Created from 100% natural soy wax and sprinkled with a selection of New Zealand dried flowers, including lavendar, cornflowers, roses, violas, chamomile and calendula petals and pansies.

They come packaged in a beautiful white box filled with wood wool. 

Burn time is 40+ hours, and measures 60mm(H)x 100mm(w)

Please Note: Due to the candles being made of natural wax and not containing parrafin, the top/edges of the candle may turn white in places, as the heat is making the wax contract and react. This is normal and doesn’t affect the candle - it is not faulty! Will still burn like usual and smell amazing! Refunds will not be given because of this as it is not broken/faulty.

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